Are you wondering how to maintain an e-cycle? If yes, this guide will tell you some effective tips to take care of it effectively and ensure smooth operation for years. Maintaining an e-cycle is not challenging; all you need to know is the right techniques. Using the following techniques, you can keep the bike new for years and ensure optimum performance every time you use it. 

3 Tips to Maintain Your Electric Bicycle

Let’s look into three effective tips for e-cycle maintenance.

  1. Increase the Battery Range

Everybody wants their e-cycle to run long distances before they start draining. If you want the same, you can increase the battery range by charging the battery whenever possible during the ride in a nearby outlet. Also, keep the charge in eco mode to increase the battery life. Furthermore, avoid going for a ride when it is windy outside as the e-bike has to provide more power to tackle the wind and move ahead, thereby losing its energy. 

  1. Check the Components

While at home, check the components of the e-bike and fix any part that you feel has loosened over time. Regularly check the axles and bolts if they are tightened enough. Also, ensure that the tires are not punctured. Furthermore, see if the chains are in the proper place and ensure they haven’t rusted.

Manually fix these problems by keeping the tyre inflated. Add wet lubricant to the chains for smooth operation. For the axles and the bolts, take a screwdriver to fix them. If you cannot do so, search for an e-bike shop nearby to get these components repaired.

  1. Examine the Brakes

The brakes play an important role in the electric bicycle; hence, you cannot ignore the brakes. Check the brakes every day, especially before each ride. See if the position of the brakes is in good working order. If it is not, you can unfasten the bolt to bring it back to the right place. If required, replace the brake pads before the next ride.

6 Tips to Clean Electric Bicycle

After fixing the components of the electric bicycle, you need to take measures to clean them occasionally so that they look good and provide optimal performance for a long time.

  1. Take a brush to lightly wipe the dust over the electric bicycle. This is the first, and the must step before you go into intense cleaning.
  2. Next, take a wet sponge and rub the pedals. You would also need to clean the frame with this sponge. Ensure to clean the headset bearing, bottom bracket, and seat post through gentle scrubbing.
  3. After this process, take soap and water to rinse the bike. You can empty the soap and water mixture in the bucket directly over the bike or use a garden hose for this purpose.
  4. Once done, scrub the areas that you feel require more cleaning with soap. Now spray clean water over the bike.
  5. Next, you need to take a dry cloth to wipe the bike. Remember, water should not accumulate on the bike’s surface as this may cause rusting after a few months.
  6. Now take out the battery, clean it from all ends, and then put it back in its position.

How Often Should You Clean the E-bicycle?

E-bicycle cleaning depends on your usage. If you use the e-bicycle daily, you must check the components and clean the bicycle weekly. However, cleaning once a month is sufficient if you use the e-bicycle twice a week.

Besides, you should also consider where you take the e-bicycle for the ride. For instance: If you take the e-bicycle through a muddy place daily, you must clean it as soon as possible.

Besides this, you should consider the weather to determine how often you should clean the e-cycle. If it is windy outside, the dust and particles might stick to the bike’s surface. Lightly brush over the dust to remove the dirt particles on the surface. Again if it’s raining, the e-bicycle can get wet. To avoid rusting, you must ensure to wipe the e-bicycle as soon as the rain stops.

Based on these factors, you can decide the right frequency for cleaning the e-cycle.

How to Store the E-bicycle?

Like cleaning, it is important to know how you can store the e-bicycle to keep it operational for a long time.

  • To store the e-bike, you need to ensure that the e-bicycle has at least a 30-60% charge. Although the battery will drain after some days, ensure to charge it again before storing it.
  • Do not leave the battery at 0% charge.
  • Remove the battery and keep it in a cool and dry place. Ensure to keep the battery away from direct sunlight.
  • You can assemble the batteries again when you use the electric cycle again.


Now you know all possible ways to maintain the efficiency of the e-bicycle and the ways to clean it occasionally. So, maintain a daily cleaning routine and follow all the steps mentioned above to run the e-bicycle properly for a long time. You can call the manufacturer from whom you purchased the e bicycle in India to learn other tips to maintain it.