When you invest in a vehicle, you must keep it running strong for as long as you own it. And for that, you need to perform timely maintenance; otherwise, you risk causing damage to your vehicle’s parts.

Among the most crucial maintenance tasks is to perform periodic oil changes to keep your engine running well. An oil change is essential not to be taken lightly because if you fail to do it in time, you can have a costly disaster. Your engine oil serves various purposes, including cooling, cleaning, and protection. However, the longer you drive without changing your oil, the more problems your vehicle will face. Here’s what could happen:

Effects Of Skipping On Car Oil Change

Your vehicle uses a wide range of automotive lubricants UAE for various purposes. From lubrication to cleaning to maintaining temperatures, these oils and fluids must be changed periodically to keep your car working at its finest. 

Here are the dangers of not changing your oil and fluids at the recommended time.

·         Less Efficient Engine

Oil not only provides lubrication but also keeps the engine clean. Compounds in the oil pick up debris and other contaminants as it passes through the different parts of your machine. However, the longer the oil circulates in your engine, the more contaminants it accumulates, gradually becoming a sludge-like consistency. This sludge will have difficulty moving between the engine’s inner parts, much less lubricating them.

Moreover, since your engine’s moving parts have to fight through this muck, it would be forced to work harder. And the harder a machine works, it uses more fuel, which can seriously damage the engine and reduce its overall power.

·         Engine Parts Will Be Damaged

An engine has many moving parts, such as pistons and valves. Your engine oil reduces friction by lubricating these parts. And the unchanged oil in an engine starts to break down. The deteriorated engine oil loses its ability to lubricate its moving parts properly. Therefore, the components won’t be completely protected from friction, resulting in wear and damage to these parts.

·         Your Vehicle’s Lifespan Will Get Shorter

The engine is probably the core part of every vehicle. And if you don’t properly maintain it and change it at regular intervals, it’s more than likely your vehicle’s life expectancy will decrease. As the parts in your engine start breaking down due to a lack of protection and lubrication, the vehicle’s performance will also suffer until the engine is rendered completely useless.

·         The Engine May Overheat

The engine’s moving parts rub against one another, creating a lot of friction and high temperatures. Together with your coolant, the oil helps to reduce that friction. However, the engine cannot be adequately cooled by your coolant system on its own. Due to high temperatures, engine oil starts to break down and thicken over time, losing its ability to absorb heat. So, if you don’t change the oil as needed, friction will build up, and the engine may overheat.

·         It May Be Hard On Your Wallet

Going for a long enough time without an oil change would eventually seize your engine. You may think purchasing new oil for your vehicle now and then is a financial burden for you. But, there would be much greater consequences if you neglected this maintenance task because replacing or fixing an engine can take much more effort, stress, and money.

Now that we’ve seen the effects of skipping an oil change on your car let’s look at some benefits too.

Benefits Of An Oil Change

Automotive Lubricants UAE

Whether you have a brand new or used vehicle, timely oil changes are necessary to ensure your engine performs at its best. Giving your engine proper maintenance and replacing it with fresh, high-quality oil such as Castrol offers many benefits, which are:

·         Better Mileage

An efficient engine provides the best mileage when traveling. As fresh oil flows through the engine, it delivers better lubrication, which enables an engine to run easier and smoother, so it doesn’t eat up much fuel.

·         Improved Engine Life

Friction and overheating are the two leading causes of engine wear. By periodically changing your engine oil, you remove the hardships of overheating, excessive wear and tear, and friction, and you don’t put as much burden on the engine.

·         Improved Engine Performance

Clean oil in your engine allows an engine’s internal parts to function smoother. This results in an increase in engine performance as well as an increase in fuel mileage.

The Bottom Line

The essential vehicle maintenance procedure involves changing your engine oil. Even though changing it every few months may seem like a bother, it can save you from having to spend thousands on expensive repairs or even replacing your engine later.

Now that you’re aware of how important replacing your oil is, you might want to buy some too. You can get in touch with companies like CTC to provide you with all sorts of automotive lubricants from globally recognized brands. Order today!x`